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. ♪ >> backmijxç to back losses to seattle now, hitting the road against baltimore and detroit. today's matinee started well for oakland turning on the fast ball. brandon moss, patience, full contact and it's gone. 20 into the year for moss. brenden ryan. look at this. charging from first, the throw is perfect and he was safe. seattle closer shuts it in the ninth. some would say barry skeet yes's ship as a gint sailed they'd be right based on today's game. giants and red sox. bruce bocci saying he deserved another start. two run homer in the second in the third move to the fourth. can't blame this on barry. a drop. zito going zplee two thirds allowing six earned runs. there are compliments and ultimate compliments this, would be the latter. says collin cappernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. i think the key phrase here is could be. super bowl's longevity. >> i'm working it. to owe me it's a great honor. >> jim harbaugh is treting him with care. he's off limits, don't touch or else. >> we're going against our ones. and felt like it's too close to collin for as a way to reempha
. >> a's from detroit,tommy malyob owe -- malone and in the third rbi double brand yn moss able to score. fifth inning moss rain coming down hammers the chase to left center gets out of here numb 22 on the year. xhh then seth smith goes deep in the sixth. a tarp comes out, currently a 6-3 lead in the 6th fwheer a rain delay. giants in colorado here starteit would have a rocky mountain high. see ya. next batter ndoval, dead center back to back jackknifes up after a inning. we'll have highlights for you. niners rolling dice eric read replacing dshawn goldso. a rookie like eric, can cost you a game or two early on. where if a veteran is leaving another safety position, is he up for the challenge. >> ija$9kee things, everybody is doing the same thing i say it all the time. just getting better all the time. setting a goal for the day and. >> now vikings still fuming over a shot block right here on starting defensive tackle. women yims didt see it coming. saying niners coacúhóp defended his guy today. >> hoor is an unfortunate play. i don't think there was mace. >> 49ers put five players on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2